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  • Video: Japanese researchers discover 143 new Nazca line drawings
    at 14:00

    A team of researchers in Japan have discovered a whopping 143 new Nazca Line drawings, including several curious depictions of various humanoid figures. The remarkable haul comes courtesy of scientists at Yamagata University who studied high-resolution satellite images “obtained through aerial laser measurements” of an area west of Peru’s Nasca Pampa, where the country’s famous geoglyphs are located. They then performed fieldwork in the location to confirm what they’d seen in the …

  • Bitter, joyless told-you-sos: notes from the edge of the Narrative Matrix
    at 14:00

    Real change won’t come until people rise up. People won’t rise up as long as they’re successfully propagandized. People will remain successfully propagandized until they evolve minds which can’t be manipulated. Our world will change when our relationship with narrative changes.It only takes a rudimentary understanding of human psychology to manipulate someone. Bernays was recruited by the US government to study the science of modern propaganda in 1917. This science has been in …

  • The Black Vault interview with Linda Moulton Howe on the bismuth and magnesium-zinc metal
    at 14:00

    On July 25, 2019, an organization called To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, led by rock star Tom DeLonge, announced they had acquired a “groundbreaking” piece of metamaterial.Although the press release never said it was tied to anything extraterrestrial or alien, the implications were there.However, specific details… were not.One of those details, is the fact that this unknown piece of metal actually has a history that stretches back at least seventy years.It’s tied to a …

  • ‘Surveillance giants’ Facebook & Google ‘threaten human rights’ with data-grabbing – Amnesty
    at 14:00

    Tech titans Google and Facebook employ “surveillance-based business models” that threaten human rights and erode privacy worldwide, Amnesty International said in a new report, calling for an end to the data-grabs.Published on Wednesday, Amnesty’s “Surveillance Giants”report outlines how Facebook and Google, and their many affiliated platforms, operate in ways that are simply incompatible with the right to privacy and pose a “systemic threat” to free expression on …

  • Bolivia’s US Installed Coup d’Etat Regime Authorizes Brute Force
    by Stephen Lendman at 13:45

    Bolivia’s US Installed Coup d’Etat Regime Authorizes Brute Force by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman) Following Evo Morales’ democratic reelection on October 20, The post Bolivia’s US Installed Coup d’Etat Regime Authorizes Brute Force appeared first on Stephen Lendman.

  • Slamming Bolivia’s Coup d’Etat Regime Violence
    by Stephen Lendman at 13:44

    Slamming Bolivia’s Coup d’Etat Regime Violence by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman) The CIA’s coup transformed democratic Bolivia under Evo Morales into a The post Slamming Bolivia’s Coup d’Etat Regime Violence appeared first on Stephen Lendman.

  • Unchallenged Israeli Terror-Bombing
    by Stephen Lendman at 13:43

    Unchallenged Israeli Terror-Bombing by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman) Terror-bombing is longstanding US, NATO, Israeli policy, what naked aggression is all about, the The post Unchallenged Israeli Terror-Bombing appeared first on Stephen Lendman.

  • Hostile US Law Denounced by China
    by Stephen Lendman at 13:42

    Hostile US Law Denounced by China by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman) Time and again, the US unlawfully meddles in the internal affairs The post Hostile US Law Denounced by China appeared first on Stephen Lendman.

  • Compounds in plastic linked to declines in sperm quality, quantity
    by Tracey Watson at 10:01

    (Natural News) While most of us are aware of the dangers posed by pollution, we may not be aware that our very existence is being threatened in a very different way by plastics in the environment. Could the future of the human race be hanging in the balance? A recent study by researchers from the U.K.’s…

  • TOLERANCE: Universities ramping up efforts to exterminate all conservative professors as radical Left runs philosophical PURGE
    by JD Heyes at 10:00

    (Natural News) College campuses in the 1960s were incubators of free speech, as Leftists used them to launch their “counterculture” movement that sought to displace traditional core values. Now, 50 years later, those same campuses are exclusively Left-wing — and implicitly anti-free speech. As reported by Breitbart, Towson (Maryland) University Prof. Richard Vatz notes that…

  • California’s wave of mass shootings the result of rising gang lawlessness, not gun ownership; gun bans FAIL to keep guns out of the hands of criminals
    by JD Heyes at 09:59

    (Natural News) No matter how many gun laws Left-wing Democrats pass, they just can’t seem to make people “safer.”  That’s because they fail to understand one basic premise about human beings: Bad people are going to do bad things to other people, and no matter how many laws are passed, that’s not going to change….

  • Now that the WSJ has exposed Google’s search engine fraud and repeated lying to Congress, why isn’t Google CEO Sundar Pichai being arrested and indicted for lying, like Roger Stone?
    by Ethan Huff at 08:18

    (Natural News) There’s one big question on everyone’s minds now that it’s been revealed that Google CEO Sundar Pichai lied under oath to Congress about Google “manually intervening” in users’ search results, and it’s this: Why isn’t the Trump administration trying to deliver justice? Even as Roger Stone is convicted and sentenced to basically life…

  • Analysis finds that pharmaceutical drugs are destroying the environment – where are all the environmental activists?
    by Ethan Huff at 07:16

    (Natural News) If you’re reading this and are the type of person who desperately wants to save the planet from a “climate catastrophe,” listen up: One of the biggest polluters in the world today is the pharmaceutical industry. And the pollution is the residue of billions of doses of chemical pills that end up in…

  • Obama’s social experimentation with the US military leading to higher physical “fail” rates for women
    by JD Heyes at 06:18

    (Natural News) Barack Obama hasn’t been president for going on three years, but many of his policies live on, including some he pushed on the US military. Worse, the policies are having a deleterious effect on women who are trying to serve in combat roles they aren’t suited for because of their gender, according to…

  • Unfreedom of the Press
    by News Editors at 05:06

    (Natural News) This week, thirty media and tech companies announced they’re partnering behind a new national campaign “Protect Press Freedom.” But conservative commentator and author Mark Levin argues the modern mass media does not favor of a free press. His new book is called: Unfreedom of the Press. (Article republished from FullMeasure.news) Sharyl: You wrote…

  • Federal Judge in Texas Fines CPS $50K a Day for “Shameful” Foster Care: CPS has “Lied to me at almost Every Level”
    by noreply@blogger.com (Alexander Light) at 05:00

    by Brian ShilhavyA federal judge in Texas appears to be getting fed up with Texas government officials who are delaying in abolishing the State’s foster care and child protective services agency and establishing a new one.This week she started fining the state $50,000.00 a day for not implementing the reforms she ordered back in 2015 when she ruled that the Texas foster care system was unconstitutional.In her original ruling, Judge Jack wrote:Judge Janis Graham JackRead Entire Article »

  • Prince Andrew Had ‘Hours Unaccompanied’ in New York When Virginia Roberts Claims They Had Sex
    by noreply@blogger.com (Alexander Light) at 04:00

    • Duke flew to New York from London on April 9 2001 on Outward Bound Trust trip• Landed at lunchtime and appears to have had a free afternoon in the city• Virginia Roberts was on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ jet in New Jersey that day• Former aide told Telegraph the duke had free time but ‘no idea’ if he met Epstein  Prince Andrew had ‘gaps’ in his diary and was allegedly unaccompanied for several hours in New York at a time when Virginia Roberts was in the US and said they had sex, a former aide has claimed today.The Duke of York denied the alleged liaison with Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘slave’ was possible because of his full itinerary while in the city as patron of the Outward Bound Trust in April 2001.Prince Andrew with one of his alleged victims, Virginia Roberts, and Ghislaine Maxwell in the backgroundRead Entire Article »

  • Heart-healthy cooking: Which oils are best for frying?
    by Darnel Fernandez at 03:49

    (Natural News) Frying is often considered an unhealthy way to prepare and cook food. Some types of oils are packed with trans fat, which can increase “bad” cholesterol, also known as LDL, as well as increase inflammation. These, in turn, can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke. But this doesn’t mean that frying can’t…

  • 10 Possible causes of dizziness and how to address them
    by Darnel Fernandez at 03:46

    (Natural News) Dizziness is a common term used to describe feelings of lightheadedness, wooziness, and unsteadiness. It can also refer to the false sense that you or your surroundings are spinning or moving. People who are suffering from recurring or severe dizziness know how much of an unpleasant experience it is and how it can interfere with daily life….

  • How do you use kudzu in a survival situation?
    by Melissa Smith at 03:37

    (Natural News) Kudzu, also known as Japanese arrowroot, is a legume that produces hearty vines and biomass. This plant was exported from Japan in 1876 and was considered an ornamental plant, but was later heavily planted to help stop soil erosion. Kudzu is also a great survival plant. (h/t to Survivopedia.com) Biofuel Kudzu produces more…

  • It Was a Mossad-CIA Blackmail Operation: Epstein Victim Confirms that the Pedophile Had Cameras in the Bathrooms and Bedrooms and Employed a Team Monitor the Feeds
    by noreply@blogger.com (Alexander Light) at 03:00

    Maria Farmer, who along with her younger sister Annie was one of the first women to contact the FBI with allegations about the pedophile, spoke about her horror when she was shown the media room inside Epstein’s home.That horror stemmed from the fact that Farmer quickly realized once she was inside the room that Epstein had cameras surveilling guests throughout the house – even in the bathroom.’The main thing, I thought was interesting was he showed me where the men monitoring everything were,’ Farmer told Anthony Mason in her interview that aired on Monday.’So if you’re facing the house, there’s a window on the right that’s barred. That’s the room, the media room is what he called it.’Read Entire Article »

  • Amazon’s Ring Doorbells App Leaks Customers’ Wi-Fi Username and Password
    by noreply@blogger.com (Alexander Light) at 02:00

    Cyberscoop has recently reported a major security vulnerability in Amazon’s Ring doorbell app. Amazon’s Ring doorbells, which have already raised significant privacy and civil liberties concerns, have now been shown to be deeply insecure, exposing users Wi-Fi passwords to hackers. With this Wi-Fi information, hackers can access customers’ personal home networks. It only gets scarier from there as hackers could use customer’s webcams to spy on them and their children, gain access to their bank accounts, and retrieve personal information necessary for identity theft. “This is a classic example of how more surveillance does not mean more safety,” said Evan Greer, Deputy Director of Fight for the Future.Read Entire Article »

  • New Hampshire Town Removes Christmas From Its Christmas Ceremony After Two People Complain About Being Offended
    by noreply@blogger.com (Alexander Light) at 01:00

    The town of Durham, New Hampshire announced it was removing several Christmassy elements from its annual “holiday celebration” because two people complained about being offended.Yes, really.According to CBS Boston, the town’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony will undergo changes “in an effort to remove religious overtones.”The event will be renamed ‘Frost Fest’ while the formal tree lighting ceremony itself will be abolished and Santa will not arrive in a town firetruck as he has in the past.Read Entire Article »

  • Bitter, Joyless Told-You-Sos: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix
    by Caitlin Johnstone at 00:54

    Real change won’t come until people rise up. People won’t rise up as long as they’re successfully propagandized. People will remain successfully propagandized until they evolve minds which can’t be manipulated. Our world will change when our relationship with narrative changes. It only takes a

  • Elizabeth Warren’s Support for Bolivia Coup Consistent With Other Hawkish Foreign Policy Positions
    by Alan Macleod at 16:40

    The opposing positions of Warren and her primary opponent Bernie Sanders on Bolivia highlight an increasingly clear policy gap between the two Democratic frontrunners. The post Elizabeth Warren’s Support for Bolivia Coup Consistent With Other Hawkish Foreign Policy Positions appeared first on MintPress News.

  • How Human Rights Watch Whitewashed a Right-Wing Massacre in Bolivia
    by Alan Macleod at 15:43

    While some may be surprised by its response to the Bolivia crisis, Human Rights Watch’s support for a U.S.-backed right-wing coup is no aberration. The post How Human Rights Watch Whitewashed a Right-Wing Massacre in Bolivia appeared first on MintPress News.

  • Study on surface damage to vehicles traveling at hypersonic speeds
    at 14:00

    Vehicles moving at hypersonic speeds are bombarded with ice crystals and dust particles in the surrounding atmosphere, making the surface material vulnerable to damage such as erosion and sputtering with each tiny collision. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studied this interaction one molecule at a time to understand the processes, then scaled up the data to make it compatible with simulations that require a larger scale.Doctoral student Neil Mehta working with Prof. Deborah …

  • M 6.1 – 31km ESE of Chaloem Phra Kiat, Thailand
    at 14:00

    PAGER – GREEN ShakeMap – VII DYFI? – VTime2019-11-20 23:50:44 UTC2019-11-21 06:50:44 +07:00 at epicenterLocation19.451°N 101.345°EDepth10.00 km (6.21 mi)

  • Propaganda video of NATO’s smoke and mirrors over Kosovo hides some inconvenient truths
    at 14:00

    A new and strangely timed NATO video paints a flattering – and entirely fraudulent – picture of the alliance’s mission in Kosovo, a Serbian province it occupied in 1999 that now styles itself an independent state.What NATO wants the general public to believe is that it had no choice but to intervene in 1999, because “Kosovo Albanian forces” were fighting the “policy of ethnic cleansing” of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, who was “not interested” …

  • Physicists claim to have found NEW force of nature
    at 14:00

    … which may unravel one of the universe’s greatest MYSTERIESHungarian researchers may have detected a new, fifth force of nature which could finally solve one of the greatest mysteries of the universe, namely the existence and nature of dark matter.The universe is governed by four fundamental forces: Gravitational force, Weak Nuclear force, Electromagnetic force and Strong Nuclear force. However, a fifth force has long been rumored to exist, scientists just couldn’t prove it. Until now. …

  • Clean carbon nanotubes with superb properties
    at 14:00

    Single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) have found many uses in electronics and new touch screen devices. Carbon nanotubes are sheets of one atom-thick layer of graphene rolled up seamlessly into different sizes and shapes. To be able to use them in commercial products like transparent transistors for phone screens, researchers need to be able to easily test nanotubes for their materials properties, and the new method helps with this.Professor Esko I. Kauppinen’s group at Aalto has years of experience in …

  • French police use ‘weapons of war’ against protesters
    at 14:00

    … Journalist tells RT how tear gas grenade exploded in his faceA French journalist recalled the terrifying moment when an explosive tears-gas grenade hit him at the Yellow Vest protest, telling RT that there was no justification for police employing combat tools.The weekend marked one year since the Yellow Vest protests picked up in France, with independent journalist Julien being among the many reporters, covering the anniversary rallies in Paris.It started peacefully, but things quickly got out of hand …

  • 3000 at DC Mall for Vaccine Injury Awareness
    at 14:00

    Note: Below is a terrific summary of the event last week in Washington, DC. Has anyone pointed out that “VIE” in French means “life?” Appropos, n’est pas?Thousands Rally in DC for Vaccine Injury AwarenessBy June Fakkert, Epoch Times Nearly 3,000 people attended a rally on the National Mall in Washington on Friday to bring attention to what they say is an epidemic of vaccine injury in America, an epidemic that is not getting either the medical or media attention it needs. The event, called the Vaccine …

  • There are riots in Iran and the usual suspects are on it
    at 14:00

    There are a few riots in Iran and Amnesty International is on it:Amnesty International @amnesty – 15:50 UTC · Nov 19, 2019 At least 106 protesters in 21 cities have been killed in #Iran, according to reports we have received. Verified video footage, eyewitness testimony & information gathered from activists outside Iran reveal a harrowing pattern of unlawful killings by Iranian security forces.“.. eyewitness testimony .. gathered from activists outside Iran …”The …

  • Antibacterial cleaners increase molds
    at 14:00

    Story at-a-glanceA study found that in urban homes, where the use of cleaning products is usually more prevalent than in rural homes, fungal diversity was higherFungal resistance to cleaning products and chemicals is a possible explanation for the greater amount of fungi in urban areasUrban homes are warmer and typically have reduced air exchange and lower levels of natural light than rural homes, which could also explain the fungi preponderanceIn the study, rural homes had fewer bacteria and fungi that …

  • Thailand citizens will soon be able to grow marijuana at home and sell it to the government
    at 14:00

    The United States might be dragging its feet on decriminalizing marijuana, but the nation of Thailand is not. Soon, all Thai citizens will be able to cultivate up to six cannabis plants in their homes and sell the homegrown harvest to the government, for medical marijuana purposes.The change is a result of the new Health Minister’s relaxed views on pot. Anutin Charnvirakul recently announced in Bangkok:“We are in the process of changing laws to allow the medical use of marijuana freely. We have …

  • Ancient Egyptian gods that we are still trying to figure out today
    at 14:00

    The ancient civilization of Egypt contains many strange facts, some of which still remain a baffling. For all ancient people, the this era was filled with mystery. Much of what they experienced in the world around them was something we still struggle to understand. For instance, ancient Egyptians worshiped a large number of ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.Some of them looked very much like us; however others looked much different. Some were part human and part animal.

  • House and Senate Unanimously Support Destabilizing China
    by Stephen Lendman at 12:26

    House and Senate Unanimously Support Destabilizing China by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman) Non-intervention by nations in the internal affairs of others is The post House and Senate Unanimously Support Destabilizing China appeared first on Stephen Lendman.

  • CIA Fingerprints All Over Violence in Iran?
    by Stephen Lendman at 12:25

    CIA Fingerprints All Over Violence in Iran? by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman) Since its liberating 1979 revolution, ending a generation of US The post CIA Fingerprints All Over Violence in Iran? appeared first on Stephen Lendman.

  • Pro-Morales Supporters in Bolivia Risk Arrest for Sedition or Subversion
    by Stephen Lendman at 12:24

    Pro-Morales Supporters in Bolivia Risk Arrest for Sedition or Subversion by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman) The Trump regime’s OK’d coup in Bolivia The post Pro-Morales Supporters in Bolivia Risk Arrest for Sedition or Subversion appeared first on Stephen Lendman.

  • Establishment Media Anti-Iran Rage
    by Stephen Lendman at 12:15

    Establishment Media Anti-Iran Rage by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman) Establishment media are hostile toward all sovereign independent nations unwilling to subordinate their The post Establishment Media Anti-Iran Rage appeared first on Stephen Lendman.

  • Dr. Alex Lee: Lead (Heavy Metal) Contaminates Water and Food, But It Cannot Be Seen, Tasted, or Smelled
    by noreply@blogger.com (Alexander Light) at 12:12

    Lead is an insidious environmental toxin that is present in all parts of the environment.Although lead exposure generally occurs through ingestion of contaminated food or water, lead inhalation also contributes to a potentially dangerous “body burden.”The Heavy Metal “Lead” is EverywhereAccording to the US Department of Health and Human Services/ Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR):Read Entire Article »

  • Now That Assange Is Safely Locked Up, Sweden Drops Its “Investigation”
    by Caitlin Johnstone at 03:02

    Now that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is safely locked up in Belmarsh prison awaiting a US extradition hearing, Sweden has, for a third time, dropped its rape investigation. “After conducting a comprehensive assessment of what has emerged during the course of the preliminary investigation I

  • The Most Successful Kids Have Parents Who Do These 9 Things
    by noreply@blogger.com (Alexander Light) at 02:00

    by Marco TorresMuch has been written about the attributes of high-achieving adults, and what makes them different from everyone else. But if you’re a parent, a more compelling question may be: “What can I do to make sure my kids succeed in life?” Here’s what researchers say.Researchers have previous found that children of older parents tend to have fewer externalizing behavior problems than children of younger parents. But common traits are being discovered in successful adults that appears to affect the way we interact with our children.1. Don’t Tell Them They Can Be Anything They Want.Read Entire Article »

  • Mickey Mouse and Dumbledore from Harry Potter Among the 11,000 “Scientists” Who Warned About an Impending “Climate Emergency” — Turns Out, There Was No Study and They Are Just “11,000 Random People”
    by noreply@blogger.com (Alexander Light) at 01:00

    by Ethan HuffScientific “consensus” is a popular buzzword commonly used by climate fanatics to “prove” that man-made climate change is a real thing. But is there really even a consensus as these hysterics claim? Not even close.As it turns out, the climate lobby loves to pull its “facts” right out of thin air, including the newly minted fiction that “More than 11,000 scientists declare ‘climate emergency.’” While this regurgitated mainstream media headline is pretty cut and dry, the claim it makes is patently false, we’ve now learned.Just like the Greta Thunberg hoax, the notion that more than 11,000 actual scientists are suddenly lamenting an impending “climate emergency” has absolutely no basis in reality.Read Entire Article »

  • ISIS Secrets Spilled in Rare On-Camera Interviews: “We Just Walked Into Syria”
    by Tyler Durden at 22:43

    Those interviewed confessed that their arrival in Syria years prior without a doubt had the cooperation of Turkish authorities.

  • Graves Disease, an ‘Incurable’ Thyroid Disorder, Cured Through Lifestyle Changes
    by GMI Research Group at 22:24

    Originally published on www.kellybroganmd.com From incurable to a cure for an autoimmune disease – why not make lifestyle changes today that can improve your life and vitality?read more

  • Do Synthetic Thyroid Hormones Work?
    by drbrogan at 19:56

    Originally published on www.kellybroganmd.com If you walk into a doctor’s office and tell a conventional doctor that you’re depressed, gaining weight, fatigued, having trouble concentrating, cold, and constipated, chances are that the doctor would tell you that it’s depression, aging, or just stress, and that’s why you’re feeling the way you do. They might prescribe you some medication and off you go.read more

  • Congress Will Vote This Week to Legalize Marijuana Nationwide and End Prohibition
    by The Mind Unleashed at 17:07

    This has never happened in the history of our country!

  • Trump Regime Calls Illegal Israeli Settlements Legal
    by Stephen Lendman at 13:30

    Trump Regime Calls Illegal Israeli Settlements Legal by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman) There’s no ambiguity about the illegality of Israeli settlements. International The post Trump Regime Calls Illegal Israeli Settlements Legal appeared first on Stephen Lendman.