Greens announce plan to legalise cannabis to take it ‘out of the hands of criminals and dealers’

Altnews editor comments:
Critique of a proposal to legalise cannabis:

Wow, what a ‘#progressive’ proposal made by the Australian Greens. At first sight that is, because when you look at the detail of the proposal and think about it clearly, then you realise that, as always, the #devil is in that detail and the Greens’ proposal is full of those devils. So many devils in fact that I don’t think many could support it in its current form at all.

  1. Establish a new government controlled regulatory agency that is also the sole wholesale distributor of cannabis. What? A regulator that is also in the business of selling the stuff? Have they never looked at the US Center for Disease Control (#CDC) and realised how hopelessly #corrupt that CDC is, while they depend for a very large proportion of their operating revenue  from the sale of dubious but nevertheless mandated #vaccines they also regulate?

    Where most senior staff come straight from the industry they are supposed to regulate? That the CDC is also the target of the most intense lobbying effort in US history just caps the list of seriously corrupting influences. Is that what the Greens truly propose for Australia?

    The few surviving whistle blowers have given us plenty of verifiable evidence that that CDC is indeed a corruption riddled and increasingly autocratic organisation that is really only interested in increasing its sphere of power and influence and does not give a hoot or a damn about the well being of the citizens they are charged to protect against the deadly onslaught of that, among others, super corrupt industry #BigPharma, the (strictly) petrochemical ‘saviour’ of mankind.

    In fact, the CDC and the Federal Drug Administration (#FDA) have been shown to be the two most powerful agencies (who are) always campaigning strongly against any health modality or any cure that would potentially cut into BigPharma’s obscene profits. Some would even suggest that reputation- and character- assassination and even murder is not foreign to their Modus Operandi.

    Is that really what the Greens propose to emulate for Australian society?

    Considering that the leader of the Australian Greens is a BigPharma trained, uninformed and brainwashed one eyed vaccine propagandist and erstwhile medical doctor, who would steal your children and throw you in jail rather than allow you to exercise your inalienable right to decide and choose what poisons your babies are subjected to? Yes, this warped proposal by the Greens comes as no surprise (to me) in that light.

  2. The Greens’ proposal is also a real innovation killer. Everyone who has a good idea for a possible application for cannabis is subject to the bureaucratic oversight and arbitrary regulation imposed by this cannabis wholesale monopoly. Sorry mate, if your plans don’t fit the ‘rules and regulations’ you are OUT of contention. You must play the game by their rules and their rules alone. Mandated by law.

    Of course history gives us many examples where such monopolistic regulatory structures will become, over time, more and more autocratic, despotic and even dictatorial and invariably become the single biggest obstacle to true innovation, progress and development in the industry they are charged to regulate.

    Is this really what the Greens want for Australia?

    Is that really what being ‘progressive’ stands for?Another government agency? More and bigger government?  Government and agencies that invariable seek to increase their power and sphere of influence?

    Don’t the Greens realise that those agencies can only achieve those ends by taking more of your freedom away, step by step? By mandating ever increasing court imposed penalties so that if you ever fall foul of them you will never be able to do anything in that industry again. That is if you have any wealth left to even contemplate another innovative venture?

    And of course, to satisfy the insatiable hunger for ever bigger operating budgets, governments have no choice but to steal ever more from a population already struggling under a massive and ever increasing tax burden. Whether  you asked for it or not. Punishable by law, sentenced to bankruptcy, destitution and even jail, Either way, innovative and hardworking forward looking entrepreneurs AND the general public lose. Again.

    Is that really the ‘progressive’ future the Greens have in mind for us?

Sorry Greens but it appears to me that your proposal to ‘legalise cannabis’ is just another ploy to reduce our freedom and freedom of choice and to enslave us even further?

To be frank, this all sounds so much like just another #Cultural_Marxism wet dream to me. Is it Greens? Are you bold enough to openly admit your hidden agenda?

Because your proposal certainly does nothing to enrich society, enhance personal freedom, cure many more diseases or stimulate innovation.

— Barefoot Warrior, editor

PS. I must dig up and transcribe the proposal to decriminalise Cannabis I authored in 1992 as part of my platform to take to the Federal Senate, if elected.  I believe my proposal still beats any other I have seen: with more freedom, more innovation, more cures, more tax revenue, no criminal involvement and no government coercion.

Greens announce plan to legalise cannabis to take it ‘out of the hands of criminals and dealers’

By political reporters Matthew Doran and Lucy Barbour, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

VIDEO: ‘The war on drugs is a war on people’: Senator Di Natale announces plan to legalise cannabis(ABC News) (05:22)

The Greens want to legalise cannabis for Australians over the age of 18, in a bid to take the drug out of the hands of criminal dealers.

Key points:

  • Richard Di Natale says cannabis needs to be sold in a “more tightly controlled” environment
  • He says countries that have legalised cannabis have seen a drop in drug-related crime
  • Under the plan there would be strict penalties for people caught selling to minors

Senator Richard Di Natale argued his party’s proposal would not result in the widespread sale and use of cannabis, and claimed there would be strict regulations on sale and production.

The policy has support from former Australian Federal Police (AFP) commissioner Mick Palmer.

As part of the plan, an agency would be created to be the sole wholesaler of cannabis, as well as the outlet responsible for issuing licenses for prospective growers and retailers.

“As someone who was a drug and alcohol doctor, I’ve seen how damaging the tough on drugs approach is to people,” Senator Di Natale told Channel Ten.

“We’ve got to take this out of the hands of criminals and dealers, [and] we’ve got to make sure it’s within the hands of health professionals.”

“We’ve got to have a much more tightly controlled and regulated environment.”

The Greens have urged Australians to look to the United States, Spain and Uruguay as examples of legalising cannabis leading to a drop in drug-related crime, and argued it could also provide welcome revenue through the taxation system.

Under the minor party’s plan, there would be strict penalties for people caught selling cannabis to minors.

Adults would be allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants for personal use.

Senator Di Natale said it was more harmful to continue banning the use of cannabis, and called on Australia to “get real”.

“Nearly 7 million Australians choose to use cannabis,” he said.

“That choice can land them with a criminal conviction, which can impact their opportunity to get an job.

“They’re sourcing products of unknown quality and purity, and of course all they’re doing is feeding the mega profits of criminal syndicates and criminal gangs.”

AMA rules out support

 AMA President@amapresident 

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) said it could not support the Greens’ plan because of the serious physical and mental health impacts of cannabis use.

Mr Palmer maintained that while he was not generally a supporter of Senator Di Natale’s party and policies, he did see merit in the idea of decriminalising cannabis.

“The very nature of law enforcement, when you have it focused on this sort of ‘use and possess’ crime or activity, is that it will discriminate against people that are most vulnerable,” he told the ABC’s AM program.

“People most likely to come to notice of police are Indigenous people, homeless people, people who suffer mental health and other health related problems, including people like Vietnamese vets.

“We’re not winning the war against drugs with the process we’re using at the moment. We can’t possibly win it.”

Not all law enforcement experts agree.

Former WA police commissioner Karl O’Callaghan’s son has battled drug addition, and he is worried decriminalising cannabis could trigger or exacerbate mental health problems.

“They may have an inability to function or work, and I think they’re the problems that we should be concerned about when people move to make cannabis more widely available,” he told AM.

“They are very significant and trying to get adequate help, even today, without decriminalisation is very, very difficult.

“I would be concerned that parents would be left with nowhere to turn if the services are not in place as a result of this proposed policy.”

The Greens argue tax revenue from cannabis sales would be spent on mental health services, but the party has not specified how much money could be raised or how much would be spent in the sector.

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