A Daily Dose of Turmeric Boosts Your Memory and Improves Mood

Barefoot Warrior comments:

5000 years of documented medicinal use of Turmeric and yet #BigPharma has been fighting tooth and nail to prevent the secret of #Curcumin from leaking out and taking a firm hold of the people’s imagination.

There can be only one reason why BigPharma would behave so contrary to the interests of patients, our health and the people: Profit. Profit made on 100’s of #patented #pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals that have been developed just in the last 150 years, mostly from #petroleum products, by massive #corporations.

While the corporation’s primary goal is to generate dividends for (a small group of) shareholders, it would come as no surprise that the interests of patients would  be delegated to a distant 2nd place.

But things are changing fast and more and more establishment sources all over the world now discuss Turmeric as a possible treatment for a variety of diseases as is also evident from the articles and publications referenced in this search on the UK National Health Service database. Many more references in the article below.

Are we witnessing the steady break-up of BigPharma’s stranglehold and monopoly over our health and the treatments available to us? This writer certainly thinks so.

— Barefoot Warrior

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