Alex Jones(combo of Archie Bunker and Meathead), the American Folk Hero, and His Roots in Leftist Counter-Politics — How the Culture of Conspiracy Theories went from the Left to the Right — How Oliver Stone went from Hero to Villain in Hollywood

Alex Jones would never call himself a leftist. He wouldn’t necessarily call himself a rightist, but his politics clearly leans to the Right. He likes to see himself as a Libertarian Patriot who believes the greatest threat to mankind comes from Globalists who have forged a monstrous fusion of Big Business and Big Government now widely known as the Deep State. Jones is much hated by the Anti-Trumpian Left but has had fans among certain Leftists and Liberals for his anti-government stance. Not for nothing has his operation been centered in Austin, the most ‘progressive’ and bohemian city in Texas. When Bush II decided on the Iraq War, Jones was among the ones opposing the war. (To the extent that the once hawkish Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson are now more likely to question the War State and warmongering, Jones and others like him have had a very real influence on American political culture.) Just like Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan found some common ground in the 1990s in their opposition to globalism, ‘free trade’, and financialization of the economy, Alex Jones has, over the years, made common cause with some on the Left. But then, we must

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