A Leftist Defense of Family Culture and Home Values of Heart and Hearth — Why both Leftism and Rightism are Essential to Neo-Fascist National Humanism — Need for Temporal Socialist Consciousness

Even in the post-macro-ideological globo-homo 21st century, we have so many people discussing power and politics in terms of Left vs Right. So, it’s not uncommon on those on the Right to denounce the globo-homo agenda as ‘leftist’ and associate it with communism or ‘Cultural Marxism’. Because of the rise of movements centered around POC(People of Color) Identity Politics, New Feminism, and Homomania, many on the Right decry that the Left is winning and has always been winning, whereas the timid Right always follows in the Leftist footsteps. But has the Left been winning? Or has the elements labeled as ‘leftist’ been winning? While labels are important, they are not the content of the thing. For example, suppose bottles labeled ‘milk’ decline in market value and are on the verge of being dropped from store shelves. Suppose the bottles continue to be labeled ‘milk’ but come with beer than real milk. Suppose they begin to sell in huge numbers. Because of the labels on the bottles, should we say ‘milk’ is the hottest item even though the content is really beer? Consider today’s China. It’s still ruled by the Communist Party, but is China’s economy really communist?

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