Richard Spencer finds Nothing Redeemable about the 'Puritanical' Foundations of the American Civilization — He is missing the Larger Picture of the Iron Triangle — What if Jewish Zealots, instead of Jesus and Paul, had come up with a Universal Faith?

In the video above, Richard ‘Fausto’ Spencer says he finds much that is redeemable about the American Narrative, especially concerning the Southern Aristocracy and Western Frontiersmen but finds NOTHING redeemable about the founding Puritanical themes of the Northeast Coast. First, it’s rather amusing that he would invoke the spiritual notion of ‘redeemable’-ness in addressing the conquerors and frontiersmen. One doesn’t conquer and grab parts of the world to redeem anything. One does it just to win and be victorious. Vikings and Mongols didn’t conquer in search of redemption. They conquered to grab stuff, to dominate, and to rule. Same was true of Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar. The notion that one’s conquests must be ‘redeemed’ derives from the Christian and Islamic tradition.
As Christians and Muslims believe in the one and only God as the righteous ruler of all, their actions must ultimately be redeemed and justified in the eyes of God. So, it’s not enough for Christians or Muslims to just conquer. Their exploits must aligned with the way of God. Or, if conquests were made against the rules of God, there must be atonement and redemption through good works. So, the very notion of ‘redemption’ in

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