Neo-Fascist Science Fiction Nano-Novel or Nanovel: A WORLD WITHOUT JEWS

There was this Jew named Isaac Finkelschwarzenstein, but most people just called him The Fink. Not just Fink but THE Fink. The Fink was no ordinary Jew. Now, you might say too many Jews aren’t ordinary, for good or ill, but The Fink was even more un-ordinary than most Jews with certain reputations. He was more pushy, more neurotic, more egotistical, more deranged, and more intense by just about any measure. His parents were known for energy and drive, but The Fink was too much even for them. It was like having a leaky box of plutonium in the house. But like most parents, they loved their son, and The Fink grew up spoiled and full of himself, even more so than Richard Spencer. The Fink’s parents were, like most so-called Liberal Jews, hypocrites who overlooked and even surreptitiously supported tribalism, nationalism, identity politics, and even supremacism for their own kind but denounced such tendencies among goyim, especially the white kind, as ‘evil’ and ‘far right’.
The Fink grew up in this environment, and his politics and worldview were hardly different from those of the average Jewster in NY, Miami, or Las Vegas. But something happened to The Fink that

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