Righteousness > Tribalism? — How Self-Righteous Flames Can Burn More Brightly than the Tribal Fire, at least in the Short Term.


They say tribalism is a powerful force, but so is self-righteousness. While tribalism may win out in the long run(that is if the tribe survives), self-righteousness or outrage mentality has short-term advantage. Being self-righteous is like a cocaine high, something you can’t get from tribalism which is about sober hunkering down. This is why the Power works very hard to define and control the terms of self-righteousness. As most people are dull, they are incapable of defining the terms of outrage on their own. It must be handed to them like a bone tossed at a pack of hungry dogs. Look at China during the Cultural Revolution. Mao threw the radical bone of ‘to rebel is justified’ to the youths, and they ran riot for a few years smashing everything in their path. It felt so awesome to be self-righteous. As Jews rule the US, they get to define what people should be outraged or self-righteous about. Self-righteousness is intoxicating, a means of insta-self-aggrandizement as a ‘woke’ person. Jews decided it shall be globo-homo, so there are lots of dummies who get all weepy and wild about holy homos and transcendent trannies.
In the long run, Cultural Revolution petered out

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