An Anatomy of a Hate Hoax in the Age of Sabrina Rubin Erderly and Jussie Smollett: The Case of Michael Ron David Kadar & the Loop ‘Lawgic’(Lawyer-Logic) of the Disingenuous David Straub the Law Professor — How Jewish Power uses Hate Hysteria to Misdirect the Public from WHO REALLY RULES AMERICA & THE WORLD

Michael Ron David Kadar, the Jewish ‘hate hoaxer’ and Anti-White Defamer
In recent years, especially since the election of Donald Trump, the Jewish-dominated media have been running wild and crazy with Hate Hysteria, much of which is based on ‘Hate Hoaxes’(with Jews, blacks, and homos being the biggest and most shameless perpetrators). Yes, the media even tried to push the Jussie Smollett BS even though it smelled like a skunk from the get-go. And no amount of evidence seems to matter to the Reality-Challenged. Even now, so many Jews, blacks, and progs carry on with the nonsense that Michael Brown was killed by ‘racism’ or that black people have most to worry from white cops. In order for Jews to distract our attention from Zionist tyranny over Palestinians, Jewish globalist financial looting, Jewish selling of opioids to kill countless white working class, and Jewish promotion of Wars for Israel, Jews stir up endless hysteria to fool us into believing that the US has most to fear from KKK and Neo-Nazis(who are now just about anyone who voted for Donald Trump).
Of course, as far as the Jewish Supremacists are concerned, ‘hate’ is a one-way street where it only goes from

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