Brave Browser Explained

This article contains affiliate links. Every time you click and download, and use Brave you support Truth In Media.

You may have heard that if you download the Brave Browser that you directly support Truth in Media. But you may be thinking “what exactly is the Brave Web Browser?” In this blog post I will break down what the Brave Browser is and how you are supporting Ben Swann and Truth in Media with every download and tip. The Truth in Media team has been using the Brave web browser for over half a year (using it to create this post!).

Brave Browser Overview

Brave web browser is a free and open source browser created by CEO Brendan Eich, formerly of Netscape and Mozilla, and CTO Brian Bondy. It has built in features like ad blockers, popup blockers, tracking blockers and a tipping feature to tip your favorite content creators.

Brave is available on both desktop and mobile.

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With Brave you can surf the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. Save money on mobile data by not having to download unwanted content from ads and trackers. The average mobile surfer uses $23

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