America Lost Its Soul(and Sanity) when Its Wasp Elites aided and abetted the Zionist-Jewish Supremacist Destruction of Palestine — Failure of Wasp Elites to Lay the Ground for Criticism of Jewish Elite Power — Support for Zionism as Gateway Drug for Other Lunacies of the West

Many people say the Iraq War was America’s biggest foreign policy failure, but there was something far worse. It was the Anglo-American elite’s decision to support Zionism at the expense of the Palestinians and other Arabs/Muslims in the larger region. (One could argue that America’s biggest foreign policy disaster was the decision to import all those aggressive and muscled black Africans, but it happened BEFORE the colonials gained national independence to forge their own destiny.) In more ways than one, America’s decision to support Zionism was its worst moral failure as well, one that would have grave consequences and implications, especially as Jews gained the dominant position in American media, academia, finance, politics, and culture.

Now, why the argument that America’s Pro-Zionist and Anti-Palestinian policy was its most soul-destroying decision? After all, there are plenty of critics and arch-moralists who find ‘sin’ after ‘sin’ in America’s history of ‘genocide’ of the native Indians, the exploitation of black slaves, the mistreatment of Chinese railroad workers & the ‘internment’ of Japanese in America, territorial expansionism(especially against Mexico), and involvement in destructive wars in the Age of Empire, World War I, World War II, and the Cold War(especially in Korea and Vietnam). Compared

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