Protecting Free Speech with Unstoppable Domains

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In recent years and months, independent content creators have seen their work erased from the web by centralized entities. It’s more important than ever for people to be able to protect their content without fear of being shut down.

Software company Unstoppable Domains is aiming to put an end to online censorship by providing blockchain-based domains. While offering free speech protection in its mission to provide uncensorable websites, Unstoppable Domains also aims to simplify sending and receiving crypto payments.

Unstoppable provides two services: an address for receiving crypto payments, as well as providing a blockchain domain that cannot be censored. Rather than sharing a lengthy, complicated conventional cryptocurrency wallet address, Unstoppable Domains provides a “yourname.crypto” address for sending and receiving crypto payments. The system currently supports over 20 cryptocurrencies with plans to include more.

When you buy a domain, it will be stored in your cryptocurrency wallet, and in this wallet your domain can’t be transferred or removed by anyone but yourself. Unstoppable Domains currently supports two domain extensions: .zil, a low-fee extension on the Zilliqa blockchain, and .crypto, which is on the more widely known Ethereum blockchain. 

Bradley Kam, Co-founder & head of business development at Unstoppable Domains, illustrated the distinction between conventional .com websites and what Unstoppable is offering: “The way it works in the current domain world is there’s one centralized registry, and then there are permissioned writers to that registry like GoDaddy and Google Domains. And they have the ability to move your domain and they have the ability to take your domain. That’s the biggest difference is that this is a censorship-resistant system, and they also work in payments.”

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