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My goals are;

  • Writing and publishing ETLB as a book, both a Swedish and a English version.
  • Professionally updating and recording and re-producing the documentary. 

To do this I need to put in many valuable hours every day; researching, writing, translating, editing, producing and recording.  I don’t need much, every small contribution will help me complete this gigantic project.
This will be the most important book and documentary in world history. I personally take great risks for doing this for YOU. I could shut up, stay quite and don’t engage in this metapolitical struggle, but what kind of man would i then be? I want to do everything in my power to expose the sinister plans of the hostile elites. A book and documentary is a powerful way to do this.

If you want to see this happen, it’s up to us to do it. Thank you.

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