by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

If you, like me, have always suspected that the contemporary push to force everyone to take Big Pharma’s vaccines might somehow be connected to a biowarfare depopulation program, then you’ll want to read this article by Jon Rappoport, which A.F. passed along to me:

The leading authority on vaccines was in the biowarfare business?

And in case you missed the point on the end of the syringe, here it is again:

So let’s recall a little history, which helps illustrate the character of the CDC.

Character? What does that mean? Well, it could mean something like this: you read about a man convicted of murder some years ago, and then you discover he is now the chief of police…

Here’s a quote from the Washington Post (9/4/13, “When the US looked the other way on chemical weapons”): “…The administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush authorized the sale to Iraq of numerous items…including poisonous chemicals and deadly biological viruses, such as anthrax and bubonic plague…”

Between 1985 and 1989, a US 501C3 firm, American Type Culture Collection, sent Iraq up to 70 shipments of various biowar agents, including 21 strains of anthrax.

Between 1984 and 1989, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) sent Iraq at least 80 different biowar agents, including botulinum toxoid, dengue virus, and West Nile antigen and antibody.

So…the CDC was up to its neck in the biowarfare business—and it later offered a lame excuse. You see, the World Health Organization was encouraging nations to exchange biological materials with one another, for ongoing medical research. Therefore, the CDC was OBLIGATED to ship those materials to Iraq—despite the fact that Iraq had an ongoing biowarfare program.

If you buy that little gem, I have condos for sale on the far side of the moon.

I confess that I’ve never fully understood the “logic” of the people who want to force vaccines on e

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