World Community Fails to Condemn Trump’s Annexation Scheme

World Community Fails to Condemn Trump’s Annexation Scheme

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Like his predecessors, Trump supports Israeli apartheid, a ruthless system worse than South Africa’s.

It’s a process of slow-motion genocide of the Palestinian people by dispossessing them from their land and denying their fundamental rights, the world community doing nothing to contest what’s gone for time immemorial.

Sharp justifiable criticism of Trump’s annexation scheme was sparse — notably by Iran, Turkey, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Yemeni Houthis, Palestinians, and activists for peace, equity, justice, and the rule of law.

Ignoring its illegality, Britain’s PM Boris Johnson praised Trump’s scheme. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab called it a “serious proposal (sic), reflecting extensive time and effort.”

France welcomed Trump’s efforts to strike a deal between Israelis and Palestinians, ignoring its one-sidedness, fulfilling an Israeli wish list, supporting Palestinian subjugation under its repressive boot.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass issued a statement, saying: “Only a negotiated two-state solution, acceptable to both sides, can lead to a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians” — not a hint of condemnation in his remark.

EU Foreign Policy chief Joseph Borrell said the bloc will “study and assess” Trump’s plan, suggesting at least partial endorsement coming for what demands condemnation.

The Saudis expressed “appreciat(ion)” for Trump’s efforts — clear support in less than so many words.

One-sidedly supporting US interests, dismissive of Palestinian rights, Egypt urged “a careful and thorough examination of the US vision (sic).”

When did sellout become “vision?”

Gulf states side with US imperial policies, Qatar admitting that regional peace is unattainable without concessions to Palestinians — not forthcoming from Trump’s scheme, at the same time saying:

Its ruling authorities appreciate Trump regime efforts “to find solutions for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict (sic).”

Sellout resolves nothing!

Envoys to the US from the Bahrain, Oman and the UAE attended Trump’s scheme of the century unveiling, expressing support by their presence.

UN secretary general Antonio Guterres operates as an imperial tool, supporting Western interests, breaching UN Charter principles, backing what demands condemnation — consistently failing to denounce US, NATO and Israeli aggression.

Instead of denouncing Trump’s annexation scheme of the century, he issued a weak-kneed/pre-scripted statement through his spokesman, saying:

“The United Nations remains committed to supporting Palestinians and Israelis

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