Corbyn asks Boris Johnson to denounce Trump’s peace plan 

Britain’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson demanding that he clarify his position on US President Donald Trump’s so called “peace plan”. In the process he condemned Israel’s intention to annex large parts of the occupied West Bank.
In a letter shared on Twitter yesterday, Corbyn asked the Tory leader for an “urgent” response, highlighting “the gravity of the situation facing the Palestinian people,” and demanding to know if Johnson is “really prepared to abandon the most basic principles of human rights and international law.”
Last week, US President Donald Trump unveiled his “peace plan” to end the Palestine-Israel conflict. Dubbed the “deal of the century” it has been slammed for giving Israel everything it wants while providing Palestinians with no rights, ensuring that they are forever subjugated by the occupation.
The UN rejected the plan, saying that it is not based on UN resolutions, but is an imposition of Trump’s own vision of a two-state solution. The deal was also rejected by all Palestinian parties.
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