Israel mobilises support in The Hague: Germany after Czech Republic

On Friday Germany submitted a demand to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, that it be a “friend of the court” in the procedures relating to examining the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice in the investigation of cases connected with the Gaza Strip. This follows the announcement by the prosecutor of the court, Fatou Bensouda, in December of last year, that she intends to investigate Israeli war crimes.
This is considered a step by Germany to support Israel, after the Czech Republic took a similar step on Saturday. Germany had announced, following the recommendation of Bensouda to open an investigation into Israeli war crimes, that: “We are confident that the court will resolve the raised issues, including the possibility of accepting the complaint (the authority to investigate crimes) that may be in doubt. Germany opposes the use of politicisation in files of any kind. We hope to deeply investigate all cases.”
Haaretz newspaper revealed on Friday that Israel views the opposition of “politicisation” as support for its position, and estimates that Germany’s joining of the investigation procedures in the ICC will help it to maintain this stance. Israel also maintains that Germany’s official non-recognition …

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