Report: 7,500 Palestine refugees living in open air in North Syria

At least 7,500 Palestinian refugees displaced from the refugee camps of Daraa, Homs, Aleppo and Al Yarmouk, are currently living in North Syria, the Documentation Civil Centre for Palestinian Refugees in North Syria confirmed on Friday.
Speaking to Quds Press, director of the centre, Abu Mohannad, stated: “The Palestinian refugee families are distributed among several cities in North Syria.”
He noted that several Turkish charities and NGOs, which enter through Turkey, are supervising a number of the camps providing them with water tanks, food parcels, kitchen appliances, clothes and heating.
Meanwhile, the centre offers identification documents, including IDs and marriage deeds among other documents.

Palestinians of Syria: The Story of Unending Suffering

Abu Mohannad informed Quds Press that the situation in the east of Idlib is very difficult, due to the ongoing battles between the opposition forces and the Syrian regime, pushing the Palestinian refugees to move towards Afrin.
He pointed out that these are rural areas, so there are not enough homes to host the refugees. Therefore, most of the refugees live in primitive arbitrary camps without electricity and work.
Palestinian refugee, Fares Ahmed, told Quds Press that he did not witness the 1948 Nakba, but he experienced it when he …

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