Iraq files complaint against PM-designate over bribery allegations

The Iraqi Parliament has filed an official complaint with the country’s public prosecutor against Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi after he accused lawmakers of receiving bribes in order to “thwart his government”.
On Tuesday, Allawi wrote on Twitter that he had heard of a “plan” to thwart the confidence vote to his government.
According to the Iraqi PM-designate, some parties feel threatened by the fact that the ministries will be managed by independent and impartial ministers; which would affect their financial gains. This has meant they paid huge sums of money to lawmakers to call for a secret vote of no confidence.
“I hope this information is incorrect,” he added on Twitter.
After the Iraqi PM-designate’s tweet went viral, chairman of the Iraqi Parliament’s Legal Committee, Sabah Al-Bawi sent a letter to the country’s attorney general requesting that he “takes immediate legal measures” and open an investigation into Allawi’s allegations in accordance with the provisions of the law.
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