Israel reopens crossings, expands fishing zone in Gaza

Israeli occupation authorities yesterday reopened the main two crossings with Gaza after days of closure following the latest escalation of tensions earlier this week, Arab48 reported.
In a statement, the unit of the Israeli Coordinator of Government Activities in the Occupied Territories (COGAT) said that the activities of the two crossings would resume after positive evaluation related to “security stability”.
On Tuesday, Hamas sent a message to Israel, through international mediators, that it must reopen the crossings and expand the fishing zone, Israel’s Public Broadcaster Kan reported.
“The international mediators [UAE, Qatar and Egypt] are working to stabilise a ceasefire in Gaza and regain stability in return of resuming measures previously announced by Israel to ease the siege on Gaza,” Kan added.
Israel did not ask Gaza to stop launching incendiary balloons, reports added.
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