Why has Libya’s Interior Minister asked the US to establish a base there?

Fathi Bashagha is the Interior Minister in Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA), although many observers believe that he is the real power behind the throne. He rarely misses an opportunity to strengthen this perception, and despite his clumsy handling of the media he seems to enjoy the spotlight.
Originally from the powerful city of Misrata, in western Libya, Bashagha is a former air force pilot. He took up his current post in October 2018 and just two months later he made headlines. Daesh had just attacked the Foreign Ministry after hitting the election commission and the national oil company in May and September respectively. In December 2018, Bashagha lashed out at the lack of security, criticising his ministry, the militias and almost everyone else while promising an overhaul of the security agencies in the country. Almost two years later, he still criticises, but does little else.
Last Sunday he was at it again. During a press conference in which no questions were allowed, he accused the GNA intelligence agency of being under the control of one particular militia. “The Libyan intelligence agency is unreliable,” he claimed, but he did not say what he is going to do about it, and …

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