50,000 New Infections/Day In China?

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk,
Prof. Neil Ferguson, Vice Dean Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College in London, estimates 50K new infections per day.

Please consider the following video by Prof. Neil Ferguson.
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10 Key Video Points

50,000 new cases a day in china

Infections doubling every 5 days

Death rate is still unknown

China likely to peak in March

Epidemic peak is still a month away

It will be very hard to control this epidemic the say way we did with SARS 15-20 years ago

Cases are always underestimated

Death delays are as long as three weeks

Reported deaths outside China are not reassuring because of delays

We still don’t know the full effects

Tweet on Containment Strategies

Building on @ChristoPhraser et al’s work, @coreypeak’s model examining the impact of disease dynamics on the relative benefits of symptom monitoring v quarantine seems relevant for thinking through #nCoV2019 containment strategies. https://t.co/sjMVI0QK5r pic.twitter.com/zGWvSZ7HFw
— CarolineOB (@Caroline_OF_B) January 24, 2020
Jim Bianco’s Latest Update

Latest REPORTED global (non-China) infections.The 61 infected on the cruise ship in Japan is NOT in this data.Japan will not add arguing the countries should add their nationals to their country totals (several are US citizens). This will not.WHO needs to do this https://t.co/Dcyq0btT0w pic.twitter.com/rpbQVWkNs8
— Jim Bianco (@biancoresearch) February 7, 2020
Africa Cases Coming

To date no infections on the continent of Africa have been reported. Why?Only today, February 7, did anyone on the continent actually get a testing kits to look for infected people.What will this number be in two weeks? https://t.co/4yoWJmNRlc
— Jim Bianco (@biancoresearch) February 7, 2020
61 Cases on Cruise Ship

Diamond princess cruise ship of Yokohama update.3,711 on the ship quarantined, 273 tested, 61 now confirmed infected. About 3,400 awaiting a …
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