ADL CEO Decries Ted Cruz as Anti-Semitic For Pointing Out ‘Bloomberg Owns The Media’

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, complained that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was being antisemitic on Twitter after the Texas lawmaker remarked that Wall Street billionaire Michael Bloomberg “owns the media.”
Cruz’s remark was made in reference to another tweet showing a headline from media publication, captioned “Bloomberg campaign says it’s a two-man race for the nomination per Bloomberg the news organization owned and controlled by Bloomberg.”
“It’s almost as if he owns the media,” Cruz wrote.

It’s almost as if he owns the media.
— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) February 19, 2020

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Jonathan Greenblatt quickly appeared on Twitter to decry Cruz’s quip and castigate the Texas senator for perpetuating “harmful antisemitic tropes.”

Alex Jones breaks down the confrontation of Michael Bloomberg by Dan Bidondi and fellow patriots.
“Is it antisemitic to point out that Mike Bloomberg owns a news service? No. Is it antisemitic to accuse a Jewish person of controlling the media? Absolutely yes,” the ADL CEO seethed. “This assertion goes far beyond the facts and perpetuates harmful antisemitic tropes.”

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