Anti-Bloomberg Protests Rock Virginia Democrat Fundraising Gala

Democrat presidential candidate and former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg faced protests at his appearance at the Democratic Party of Virginia Blue Commonwealth fundraising gala in Richmond Saturday night.
Bloomberg is experiencing backlash for his attempt to purchase the Democrat nomination by buying up campaign field workers and sponsored social media posts, and also for his view that minorities should be specially targeted by police, which he actualized during his three terms as mayor of New York City.
The protesters agitated against Bloomberg both outside the gala and also inside the event.

“Virginia is not for sale!!”
Dozens of protesters have a message for @MikeBloomberg outside Main Street Station in Richmond ahead of the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Blue Commonwealth Gala.
— Zohreen Shah (@Zohreen) February 15, 2020

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“He protects racist systems. Will you?”@jasmarlee protests Bloomberg at the Virginia Democratic Party Gala. No justice, no peace.
— Richmond for All (@RichmondForAll) February 16, 2020

President Trump branded Bloomberg a “total racist,” referring to an audiotape of Bloomberg defending Stop and Frisk because Bloomberg believes that young men …

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