Apocalyptic Footage Shows Millions Of Locusts Swarm Motorist In Africa 

As if the COVid-19 breakout across the world wasn’t enough, there’s another rare occurrence of an apocalyptic event unfolding across east African countries as hundreds of millions of locusts descend on farm fields and cities. 
These creatures have been reported to travel in swarms of millions that can sometimes measure up to 40 miles wide. These insects are now pushing through Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. 
“Huge” infestation is threatening to destroy communities and economies in east Africa that is entirely reliant on local food supply. One media source likened it to a Biblical Locust Plague With Swarms the Size of Cities.
The invading locusts are “deadly” in the sense that these ‘mega-swarms’ devour crops at an incredibly rapid pace — at a faster rate of destruction than other natural disasters.
A motorist in Kenya filmed one of the latest apocalyptic swarms in east Africa.
The clip was taken from an unknown location in Kenya, shows the moment when a motorist drove into a swarm of millions of locusts.
Out in the distance, a black blob can be seen, looks almost like a cloud, but when the vehicle drives closer, it turns out to be locusts.

A motorist encounters a swarm of locusts at an undisclosed location and date in Kenya pic.twitter.com/XWy13OMZ9i
— Crop Nutrition Lab (@Cropnuts) February 5, 2020
Another Twitter handle by the name Samira Sawlani recorded video of another locust swarm. Sawlani said the locust swarms in east Africa could expand by over 500 times by summer. 

Locusts in East Africa:UN expresses concern over areas controlled by al-Shabab where it wld be impossible to conduct aerial spraying.With more rains expected number of locusts could grow by up to 500 times by June.Locusts are now in Uganda: https://t.co/aPw4bIYXzr pic.twitter.com/0AiOKl0Wh6
— Samira …
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