Apple Erases Men in New Ad For iPad Pro

London Mayor Sadiq Khan revealed the winner of an award for “diversity in advertising” which featured, you guessed it, zero white people.
“London’s greatest strength is our diversity, so we challenged advertisers to produce ads that better represented our BAME communities,” tweeted Khan.

I’m proud to unveil Nubian Skin as the winner of this year’s TfL Diversity in Advertising Competition. Look out for their empowering, inclusive adverts on the @TfL network.
— Mayor of London (@MayorofLondon) February 10, 2020

The poster features six scantily clad brown and black people advertising Nubian, a company that sells underwear for people with darker skin tones.
Khan said the ad was “empowering, inclusive,” just not very inclusive of white people.
This is yet more confirmation that “diversity” is just a euphemism which means ‘no white people’. The ad didn’t even feature the usual token white.

The judging panel praised Nubian Skin for their bold and empowering campaign – celebrating different body types and skin tones which are underrepresented in advertising. To find out more about the competition please go to:
— Mayor of London (@MayorofLondon) February 10, 2020

“How is making everybody black ‘diversity’?” asked black …

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