Blondet known Antisemitic journalist and Opus Dei member asks the Vatican to move a lawsuit against Zagami
Article by Leo Zagami
Maurizio Blondet is a well known antisemitic Italian journalist and writer of Catholic inspiration,  who worked in the past for Berlusconi’s “Il Giornale,” and “Avvenire”,  an Italian daily newspaper that is officially affiliated with the Catholic Church and the Italian Episcopal Conference based in Milan, Italy. Blondet, who is said to be a high-level Opus Dei member, also directed, along with Siro Mazza of similar orientation, Certamen magazine, a Catholic-oriented review before being exposed as an antisemite when he wrote articles for La Padania, the official newspaper of the Northern League. He also directed until 2015 the online news site Effedieffe.

Most of his books are about the occult and oligarch powers, attacking Freemasonry and the New World Order, but unfortunately, he is an antisemitic canard that often supports fake  Jewish conspiracy theories.  One of his most known books is entitled, Gli Adelphi della Dissoluzione, and is probably the most famous of his works on this subject. For this reason, in 1993, his name was included in a list of antisemite journalists by the Anti-Defamation League because of an article in the weekly magazine “Il Sabato”that purported the infamous Zionist Occupation Government theory.
He is often concerned about the involvement of Jewish lobbies in the organization of conspiracies and attacks, such as 9/11, that he originally covered for the Catholic newspaper Avvenire while living in New York City, and now, after constantly attacking Pope Francis in the past, accusing him of being to close to Freemasonry and the gay lobby, suddenly decided that the Vatican should move a lawsuit against me for exposing Pope Francis’s gay lover:
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