Communist Virus worse than Coronavirus says Catholic Historian who calls for new Nuremberg trials against it

Article by Leo Zagami 

Today,  the rise of Nationalism in Europe and America, and throughout the democratic world is seen by many as a threat to the post-War liberal order. But for us, the renewed emphasis on patriotism and the freedom of nations is a continuation of the best political traditions of the last century. So, is National Conservatism a menace or is it—on the contrary—a virtue? Ten days ago, in Rome, an international conference organized by National Conservatism sought an answer to this crucial question.

During the crowded event, Professor Roberto de Mattei, a well-known Catholic historian shocked the audience stating that a “Communist virus”has infected not only Western culture, media, and politics, but alsothe Catholic Church. Professor de Mattei noted the ongoing popularity of Communist thinker Antonio Gramsci, who is very popular, even among Catholics and said that ideas “intrinsic to Communist doctrine” such as “evolutionism and hedonism” continue to “pervade the West.” Warning that: “The new Europe, which has expelled the name of Christ and every reference to Christianity from its founding Treaty, is fully realizing the Gramscian plan of the secularization of society.”
 Professor de Mattei explained that the idea of launching an appeal for the trial of Communism came last October from the now-deceased Vladimir Bukovsky and Professor Renato Cristin. Professor de Mattei said he was convinced that in the 20th century,“There was no crime comparable to that of Communism, in terms of the length of time that it lasted, the geographical territory it embraced, and also the amount of hatred that it knew how to generate.” Mattei said .

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