Compilation: MSM Gushes Over “Donald Trump’s worst nightmare” Michael Avenatti

A video compilation from the Washington Free Beacon highlights the mainstream media’s obsession with anti-Trump attorney Michael Avenatti, who was celebrated as a “savior,” a “beast” and “Donald Trump’s worst nightmare” before news of his conviction Friday.

The video, released following Avenatti’s conviction on three charges of extortion against shoe giant Nike Friday, shows pundits from various mainstream outlets, including HBO, MSNBC, CNN, ABC and CBS, all commending him for going after President Trump.

“He’s Donald Trump’s worst nightmare,” HBO’s Bill Maher says, introducing the former attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels.
“Jon Meacham says [Avenatti] may be the savior of the republic,” gushes another MSNBC pundit, adding later, “Michael Avenatti is a beast.”
The rest of the video is chock-full of fawning liberal television personalities all showering the disgraced lawyer with praise.
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Another video from media commentator Mark Dice shows CNN’s Brian Stelter saying Avenatti, dubbed “creepy porn lawyer” by many, has the “star power” to take on Donald Trump; what Stelter doesn’t mention is most of that “star power” comes from the lawyer’s over 120 …

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