Coronavirus now threatening China’s massive organ harvesting industry, since the organs might be infected

(Natural News) What happens to the citizens of China when they “buck the system” by criticizing their government on social media or praying to a God that’s not approved by the Communist Government? Here’s what happens: You’re thrown in jail, where you have zero rights, and all your “non-vital” organs are involuntarily scalpeled out of your torso and sold on the black market for tens of thousands of dollars.
This can mean one of your kidneys or your eyes. This could mean saying goodbye to one of your lungs, or your reproductive organs. And that’s just if you’re kept alive. If you are due a death sentence, organs are cut out of you while you’re awake, until the final vital ones are removed. There’s no jury, judge or lawyers to save you.
Yes, this is really happening, and now with the massive threat of intentionally spreading the already world-wide pandemic-level of the strain of 2019 nCoV Coronavirus.
Want an organ donation of an eye, lung or kidney that’s infected with coronavirus?
Even though China promised to stop harvesting organs from prisoners and other religious captives, the buck doesn’t stop there. Cartels, mafia …

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