Could Coronavirus Pandemic Drastically Alter 2020 Election? Democrat Cities The Most Likely Outbreak Hubs

You read it here first: The coronavirus pandemic will spark multiple outbreaks across the United States before the November election, and there’s a good chance it will drastically alter the outcome of the election due to the demographics of America.
Watch live as Alex Jones and Mike Adams discuss this growing threat:

Consider the following:
– The coronavirus spreads more easily in high-density population centers. This means cities will be the hardest hit. And most cities are filled with left-leaning Democrats, while conservatives tend to live outside the cities, in more suburban or rural areas.
– The coronavirus survives up to 9 days on surfaces, and left-leaning cities rely on public transportation such as subways, trains and buses which are “shared spaces” where coronavirus infections can easily spread. In contrast, people who live outside cities tend to drive their own private vehicles.
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– High-density cities rely on imports of food, fuel, water, electricity and supplies. Thus, they are extremely vulnerable to sudden, severe shortages or infrastructure disruptions. Any city that suffers an outbreak would quickly be placed under quarantine, immediately halting traditional deliveries of food, fuel and more. Expect to see sudden …

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