Gen Z Growing More Lonely in Era of Smartphones, Social Media & Suburbia

The young adults of Generation Z are feeling more lonely than previous generations in an era dominated by smartphones, social media and the ever-growing urban sprawl of suburbia.
Around 79% of Generation Z, born in the mid-1990s and later, say that they feel lonely due to a “a lack of social support and infrequent meaningful social interactions,” according to a national study of 10,000 adults by insurance provider Cigna.
In comparison, 71% of Millennials and 50% of boomers say they feel lonely respectively. There wasn’t a statistic given for Generation X.

The rise in loneliness by each sequential generation corresponds to the rise of social media in which real human relationships have been largely replaced by distant “Facebook friends,” with children growing up with less opportunities to learn how to have basic social interactions face-to-face.
“The trends shaping how we work – increasing use of technology, more telecommuting and the always-on work culture – are leaving Americans more stressed, less rested, spending more time on social media and less time with friends and family,” said Cigna CEO David M. Cordani.
It’s a world where more connectivity leads to people feeling more isolated than ever as social media “relationships” are as shallow as the …

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