Google in hot water again, this time for discrimination

(Natural News) Google is no stranger to controversy. Already drowning in privacy issues, the tech giant certainly does not need any more bad publicity right now. Nonetheless, it looks like more issues are looming for the world’s greatest disseminator of information.
As reported by CNET, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – the federal agency responsible for protecting employees against workplace discrimination – is investigating Google for allegedly discriminating against a pregnant employee named Chelsey Glasson. (Related: Google employees wear multi-colored propeller hats to proclaim obedience to their creepy techno-cult.)
Claims of discrimination and retaliation
Ms. Glasson alleges that after working for Google for five years as a user experience researcher, she began to experience discrimination and retaliation from management staff at Google after she fell pregnant.
She claims that her supervisor made discriminatory remarks about pregnant women in her presence and that she was “punished” for complaining to HR about these comments by being given poor performance reviews and being denied a leadership position.
She was also warned before leaving on maternity leave that there was no guarantee that her management position would still be hers on her return.
To add insult to injury, Ms. Glasson claimed in an …

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