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A dysfunctional schoolgirl suffering from multiple physical and mental disorders is magically transposed to a world saviour by the mainstream.
Thunberg is a media icon but Abby Martin, ignored by media has this to say: ‘For my entire life I have watched the corporate media sell us war after war. Always telling us who our enemies are, which countries need saving and which governments need to be overthrown. And every single time it turns out they lied.’
Suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome and diet disorders, Greta Thunberg is a friend of Gerry Adams. The Sinn Fein’s leader is notorious for defending IRA bombers and assassins during The Troubles in which blood-soaked period 3,500 people lost their lives.
Beaming from ear to ear she is photographed wearing an Antifa top whilst befriended by Antifa activists, a group defined by the government as domestic terrorists.

Dubbed ‘the bitch of kitsch’, Greta Thunberg has teamed up with mysterious rapper 1.Cuz, who always performs in a face mask, who deals almost exclusively with gang-related crime and drug trafficking.

During Greta Thunberg’s recent “Fridays for Future” protest in central Stockholm, the 17-year-old climate alarmist shared the stage with two rap artists who glorify crime. One of them recently served a two-year prison sentence.
The artists 1.Cuz and Greekazo are well-known within Sweden’s rap scene and have millions of views on both YouTube and Spotify. These corporations remove ‘hate speech’ such as ‘it’s alright to be White’. Apparently, it is alright to be any other ethnicity.
YouTube removes movies, government-sponsored WWII videos, historical videos as ‘hate speech’ but it is okay …



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