How to stop Google Chrome from mining your personal information

(Natural News) We spend hours each day locked into technology. Many of us spend more time with our smartphones than any actual live human beings, and in some respects, we might almost view our devices as our best friends.
But would you continue to trust a friend that betrayed you over and over again? Would you blindly share your private thoughts, feelings and memories with someone you simply could not trust? Of course not! And yet that is exactly what we all keep doing with our devices. We blindly trust that social media and Internet gods like Google and Facebook will never betray us, and yet they do so repeatedly – and with virtually no consequences.
For example, did you know that Google Chrome tracks your every move and stores the information? Are you comfortable with that fact? If not, read on to see how you can protect yourself from the invasion.
Google’s never-ending history of privacy issues
Google – like all the other tech giants – is a very sneaky friend. For the most part, we remain blissfully unaware of the betrayal, even while our secrets are leaked all over the playground.
Despite promises to protect its clients’ privacy, particularly in …

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