Tom Steyer Takes Aim at Democrat Field: ‘We’re in Trouble’

Democrat presidential candidate and billionaire Tom Steyer took aim at those alongside him on stage at the Democrat presidential debate in New Hampshire on Friday and said his party is “in trouble” ahead of the election.

Steyer said:

Look, what we saw Mitch McConnell do, not just in the Supreme Court with Merrick Garland, but across the board with federal judges, was refuse to allow President Obama’s picks to be considered. That’s why Mr. Trump has appointed so many federal judges, because in fact, Republicans have refused to allow President Obama to get his due.

Everybody on this row feels the same way about a woman’s right to choose. Everybody on this row feels exactly the same way on gun control.

Steyer went on:

There’s something else going on. These Republicans are in control. They’re stacking the court for a generation with young, rightwing radicals and we’ve watched it happen. The question is what are we going to do about it? That’s where we are in the United States.

Steyer also stated that the Democrat Party is “in trouble” ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

“Joe Biden is right,” Steyer claimed. “We have to go win a huge victory this year and we’re in trouble. Look at these people. Who can pull together the Democratic Party?”

Earlier in the debate, Steyer also confronted his rivals on economic issues, saying, “We’re going to have to take

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