Instead Of Whining About “Russian Election Interference”, Democrats Should Be Searching For A Winning Nominee

Here we go again. 
All of a sudden the mainstream media is full of headlines about how the Russians are trying to help Donald Trump win the 2020 election, and seeds are already being planted that will cause millions upon millions of Americans to doubt the legitimacy of the election if Trump wins again in November.
But ultimately all of the interference coming from outside isn’t going to make much of a difference whatsoever.

Even if the Russians want to encourage Americans to vote for Trump, there are far more foreign governments that would like to see Trump gone.
For example, everyone knows that the Chinese are not pleased with Trump at all, and they will be attempting to influence American citizens to vote for the Democratic nominee as long as the Chinese consider that nominee to be “reasonable”.
But we never hear about foreign influence that helps the Democrats.
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