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On February 13th will be remembered the most terrible holocausts inflicted during World War II by Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) and the American Air Force (USAAF).
Whilst Dresden is regarded as the most dreadful massacre in world history, French national, Francis Le-Lorrain hopes the international community will pay tribute to the Allied incineration of scores of European cities and their defenceless populations. These included Rome, Genoa, Naples, and many French, Dutch, Belgian and hundreds of German towns, villages and cities.
‘A night of hell’. Children standing in the ruins over Hamburg. Photo: DPA

Francis Le-Lorrain says, ‘It is a terrible symbol and proof of their will to destroy not only Germany, but also the White and Christian population of Europe. I’ll never forget either that they burned down our cathedral in Paris.
In the trenches of 1914, it was the blood brothers of Europe who were fighting, killing each other. Why did they do it? I doubt it was to prepare Europe and post-war generations for their genocide through migration and government-sponsored race-mixing?
Our intention is to draw international attention to Allied war crimes that posterity records as the most appalling holocausts in world history.

The global initiative is to take place from February 13 through to February 15. Whilst the epicentre of the campaign will focus on the incineration of Dresden, similar tragedies such as the Holocaust of Hamburg will feature in the campaign.
It is estimated that as many as 100,000 civilians perished in the great German city during the last week of July 1943 as consequence 24-hour 1,000 bomber raids by the British and American Air Forces. Dozens …



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