Meet the 20th century naturalist who discovered the amazing healing properties of water

An Introduction to Viktor Schauberger by contributor Mick Garnett
“The highest wisdom is simple and passes through the brain directly into the heart.”
Water is the commonest substance on Earth, and the source of life. Water is also the universal catalyst, and without it there would be very little chemical reaction. Schauberger presciently predicted that modern human culture’s destruction of the creative energies of Nature would result in in greater violence and depravity in society. This is aided and abetted by a science with a materialistic world-view that espouses the manipulation and exploitation of Nature for the sole benefit of humanity. As an institution it still considers humankind to be apart from Nature, and interprets all natural phenomenon solely through a process of deduction.
Born in 1885, Viktor Schauberger came from a lineage that had a long tradition of caring for the welfare of the natural forest and its wildlife in the Austrian Alps. He related how both his parents emphatically believed in the healing power of water, and how the quality and strength of a stream was increased on cold nights, especially under a Full Moon.
This was proven to Viktor one frosty night under a Full Moon when he observed some green logs bobbing on the surface of a forest stream, then sinking to the bottom and rising again, as if they were dancing. He also witnessed large stones gyrating on the river bed, and then rising to the surface to be immediately surrounded by a halo of ice. All the stones were egg-shaped, no uneven or sharp-edged stones would exhibit this phenomenon.
By its very nature water likes to flow through cool darkness. Viktor had discovered that when water is at its coldest, though its volume is apparently less due to temperature compression, it has much more …
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