Netanyahu’s Likud Leaks Names, Addresses & Other Private Info Of Nearly 7 Million Israeli Voters

Israel’s Likud just made the Democratic Party look almost competent by comparison.
According to Haaretz, Likud, the party of embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accidentally uploaded a complete register of Israelis registered to vote (a massive chunk of the population), including their full names, identity numbers, addresses as well as other revealing information like phone numbers and emails.
Though most of the information was likely public (Google searches can often turn up an individual’s full name, address, relations and even phone  numbers and email addresses sometimes), at least some of it undoubtedly wasn’t. Plus, by leaking all of it in a searchable register, Likud just exposed nearly every Israeli citizen to cyber fraud and identity theft, while also empowering stalkers, peeping toms and other creeps.
The party said the leak impacted 6,453,254 Israelis.

Private voter information is a closely guarded secret of Israel’s political parties, and they are typically entrusted to use this info only if they keep it well protected. More Israelis might try to conceal their info from parties after this, say perhaps by effectively giving up the right to vote by never registering.
Parties make explicit commitments to safeguard this data, including commitments not to share it with any “third parties.” They’re also obligated to erase the information after the election is over.
Likud has yet to release a statement about the leak. On Netanyahu’s official twitter page, the PM mostly tweeted about a settlement leader and news reports that painted his primary political rival, Benny Gantz, in a negative light.
Like with Iowa, cyber security experts told Haaretz that they warned Likud about holes in the app.
Anonymous sources explained the nature of the error to Haaretz, and also told the paper that Likud was first alerted to the breach by an anonymous tipster.

According to …
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