New Cases of Wuhan Virus Are Declining

The battle against the infections with the novel coronavirus in China continues. China is doing its best to win it.
The declining trend of the number of newly suspected and newly confirmed cases per day is now obvious to everyone.

There was a change in the nomenclature of the illness. The not yet official name of the novel coronavirus is 2019-nCoV or nCoV19. The illness the virus causes is now officially named COVID-19. This is the same difference as between HIV, the virus, and AIDS, the illness the virus causes.
The Chinese government has added a new category of infections to the total number of COVID-19 cases. So far there were two published categories. ‘Suspected cases’, which were people who may have come in contact with the virus and showed flu symptoms, and ‘confirmed cases’ of patients who fell ill and where the virus was found during tests.
Now people who show signs of pneumonia will be added to the confirmed COVID-19 cases even when the tests do not find the nCov19 virus in their body. The same criteria will retroactively apply to the number of dead. People who died while showing signs of pneumonia are now counted as COVID-19 …

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