Nutrients and brain health: Which ones are great for improving mental health?

(Natural News) An increasing number of studies suggest that supplementation with a combination of micronutrients benefits people with mental health issues. The results of randomized controlled trials show that vitamin and mineral supplements are effective alternative medications for people with psychiatric conditions. According to experts, supplementation allows people to meet their daily nutritional requirements, which helps ensure optimal brain functioning.
However, there are cases when supplementing with doses higher than the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) is necessary. These cases involve people who require more than what they can get from food sources. But experts have raised concerns about high doses of micronutrients causing toxicity and other adverse health effects, prompting research on the safety of taking supplements at levels above the RDA.
In a study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, researchers from New Zealand investigated the safety of two commercially available broad-spectrum micronutrient formulas — administered at doses above the RDA — for the long-term treatment of individuals with psychiatric symptoms. They also assessed the long-term effectiveness of these supplements as potential treatment for psychiatric conditions.
Micronutrient supplementation improves mental health
Although the efficacy of micronutrient-based interventions when it comes to treating psychiatric problems in the short term …

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