Priest: Pope’s Amazon exhortation is ‘Trojan horse’ for female ministry, married priests

February 14, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Amazonia is known for its sometimes fairy tale–like landscape, which is often shrouded in deep fog. What seems romantic at first glance tempts many to start dreaming. But the panorama has a big shadow side. That side is to be found everywhere where the cloudy haze blocks the full light. Missionaries report that deadly dangers are difficult to recognize in this scenery. So the fog often brings a deceptive situation. When it dissolves the whole reality of the Amazon becomes visible.
The region recently received much attention through a document from the Vatican.Although the title of the papal exhortation (Querida Amazonia) focuses on Amazonia, it claims to extend its dimensions to the whole world. The river has never been wider. A synod framed with pagan rituals and blasphemous idolatry was to be cast into a document, and the jubilant dance was to be continued.

The first statements were quickly made, most of which — partly out of haste and partly out of wishful thinking — got stuck to the first impression. There were quite a few who did not see the forest for the trees. That is to say, the external number of words and the choice of …

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