Sell Biden, Buy Klobuchar, Fighting Reality In Minnesota, Etc.

00m51s  Sell Biden, buy Klobuchar.  (Mr Normal sinks, Ms Normal rises.)
07m56s  Legislating against reality.  (Minnesota’s solution to test score gaps.)
13m12s  Bloomie commits heresy.  (Stepping on the race-crime third rail.)
18m27s  How blackety-black-black are American blacks?  (Do they just vote race?)
27m14s  The Harvey Weinstein show trial winds up.  (I’m in his corner.)
31m05s  Ireland’s election result. (Hung parliament; National Conservatidsm flops.)
35m18s  Women sue to keep men out of their sports.  Latest battle in World War T.)
37m45s  Coronavirus update.  (Some Chinese people blame us.)
41m04s  Signoff.  (With something Romantic.)

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