The Al “Gore Effect” — Climate Alarmists Unmasked

MADRID — For a global-warming conference, it sure was cold outside. Really cold. One day it even dropped below freezing, which is colder than normal for Madrid at this time of year.

But at least it wasn’t snowing like it was at the last United Nations “climate change” summit in Poland, where children made snowmen and pelted grown-ups with snowballs after Al Gore landed.

Apparently it was another episode of the infamous “Gore Effect” — a mysterious weather phenomenon where snowfall tends to follow Gore around the globe when he goes to preach about alleged man-made warming.

And it wasn’t just the weather that didn’t cooperate. Not only were no new radical policies adopted, thanks mostly to President Trump standing in the way like a brick wall, but the summit to save the planet and fix the weather had to be moved from one locale to another because of anti-global-warming sentiment.

Al Gore Greta Thunberg

It was a hilarious series of events that did nothing to calm the climate alarmists, who sound more unhinged than ever.

The summit to fix the weather by charging us for our

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