White House Doubts China’s Numbers: 100,000 Coronavirus Cases Unreported

Japan reports first virus death
President Xi says China will minimize impact from virus
Chinese leadership scapegoats local officials
Death toll and case count soared last night: There are more than 60k cases worldwide, and more than 1300 deaths
EIA joins OPEC in warning about upcoming drop in oil use, the first in a decade.
HHS Secretary says CDC will announce another confirmed COVID-19 case in US on Thursday
21 people in Spain released from quarantine
US admin reportedly questioning China’s reporting
White House reportedly “doubts” China’s coronavirus numbers
CDC warns more infections possible after first US case confirmed in Texas (15th overall)
2 Russian women attempt escape from quarantine
EU could close border if outbreak worsens
Kudlow says US “disappointed” in China virus response
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Update(1250ET): Not long after reports claimed the White House is widely skeptical of Chinese numbers, Trump’s top economic advisor Larry Kudlow appeared on television to say the US is “disappointed” in how China has handled the virus response, and that the Trump administration wishes there was more clarity.
Specifically, the US was most hurt by China’s refusal to accept an American team of experts from the CDC, who offered to help.
The US economy would be at 3% growth if not for the virus, he added.
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Update (1230ET): As Beijing insists that it’s safe for foreign nations to soon lift their travel restrictions on China, CNN reports that the European Union is considering closing its borders if the outbreak really escalates.
They cite a Croatian health official, who said the plan is in the works, though he strongly suspects that it won’t be necessary.
The WHO has said that level of restriction isn’t necessary, but that’ hasn’t stopped Russia from closing part of its border and other countries restricting travel by Chinese.
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Update (1215ET): For the second …
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