YouTube to fund far-left Young Turks for ‘local news’ online course

February 13, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Conservatives are questioning the purported impartiality of Google-owned video giant YouTube once again this week, following the revelation that the company is lending financial support for the far-left commentary outlet Young Turks.
Axios reports that, as part of YouTube’s $25 million “investment” in creating news content, it has decided to give the Turks a sum “in the mid-six figures range” to support the channel’s TYT Academy project, an online course ostensibly to help train users in journalism practices and video production.

On paper, the partnership is supposed to be a non-partisan effort to support local news creators, with TYT chief business officer Steven Oh assuring Axios the company is “not interested in cranking out journalists who share our political viewpoint whatsoever.” Conservatives are doubtful, however, given the record of the Turks and their lead host (and congressional candidate), Cenk Uygur.

No bias to see here. ALL IS WELL!!
— Steven Crowder (@scrowder) February 11, 2020

YT is headed by the only Democrat congressional candidate crazy and hateful enough for Bernie Sanders unendorse him.  But you can’t do targeted political ads or show a gun because that is against YouTube’s “values.”
— …

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