YAF’s Spencer Brown: Leftist Ideologies ‘Sow Discord and Division’ on Campus

Young America’s Foundation spokesperson Spencer Brown told Breitbart News that having “multicultural centers” at universities have actually had a reverse effect on campus culture, as they further separated students by sowing “discord and division” on campus. Brown spoke to host Alex Marlow for a Friday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily.

“If this situation would have been reversed, they would have set up counseling centers and given students the day off class, and re-doubled their commitment to diversity, and sensitivity, and inclusion,” said Brown, offering his reaction to a recent viral video from the University of Virginia (UVA) showcasing a woman insisting there were “too many white people” in the school’s multicultural center.

Listen below:

“But because this was someone going off about ‘too many white people’ in the student center, there just hasn’t really been any reaction from the university to say, ‘we don’t tolerate this kind of idea, or this kind of thinking that people are somehow less than because of the color of their skin,’” said Brown.

“And I think that’s what has allowed atmospheres like this to just fester on college campuses for so many years,” he added.

Marlow also pointed out that the white people are in the multicultural centers are likely “woke” students on the left.

“That’s the people getting targeted here,” said Marlow. “It’s probably white liberals who are sympathetic to all the ‘woke,’ PC culture — they’re going [to college] to experience this sort of unvarnished leftism, and then they go there, and they just get trashed for their race — the new norm.”

Brown noted that so-called “marginalized groups” have now decided that “they don’t want allies.”

“They don’t want people on their side, they don’t want anyone to advocate for them,” he said. “We see at schools pretty much across the country now, this push for self-segregating student housing, where there’s only h

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