Hamas calls Israel’s murder of Palestinian ‘opportunism’

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said on Monday that Israel’s murder of a Palestinian man on Sunday night reflects the state’s “immorality and opportunism”.
“While the world is busy fighting the coronavirus,” said Hamas spokesman Hazim Qasim, “Israel continues its crimes against the Palestinians.”
He referred to the murder of Sufian Al-Khawaja on Sunday night in the village of Na’lin, calling it “an extrajudicial execution.”
Qasim described the killing by Israel as “[another] crime against a defenceless Palestinian civilian living under an oppressive occupation. The frequent executions committed by the Israeli occupation forces confirm that the soldiers are simply murderers who ignore international and humanitarian laws.”
He concluded his statement by stressing that Palestinian blood will fuel the ongoing battle for freedom and the restoration of Palestine and its holy sites to the indigenous population of the land.
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