Egypt in search of 30 Egyptians arriving from Italy for fear of coronavirus contamination

The Egyptian governor of the country’s southern province of Asyut yesterday called for 30 citizens who recently returned to Egypt from Italy, to report their whereabouts so that the authorities can ensure that they are not contaminated with the coronavirus.
Essam Saad told local media that the Asyut security forces were carrying out the search operation, adding that the returned citizens should: “Contact the authorities so that arrangements can be made for the necessary medical examinations for any potential coronavirus infections.”
“The government has managed to examine only 80 per cent of 200 Egyptians who returned from Italy,” Saad pointed out.
The news has sparked a wave of anger across social media networks, raising fears of the possible spread of the virus.  Activists blamed the government and criticised the: “Negligence and recklessness of the local authorities.”
The governorate recently posted on Facebook that Saad had allocated four laboratories to examine any potential coronavirus cases. It added that the laboratories will begin operating “in a few days”.
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